Your Big Year- Professional Development Opportunity

Your Big Year- Professional Development Opportunity works with people from every background and provides them with inspiration, peer network, innovation and entrepreneurial skills to build their own action plan and make an impact in their life and in their world. They believe that anyone can have a “big year” – the moment when you start to explore, experience and discover and ultimately, find your path. YBY helps you gain the skills, confidence and understanding of how to do just that – make the life you imagine you want to live.

For 14 years, they have been working with 16-30-year-olds worldwide and have had the privilege to work with passionate young people from 190 countries!


Your Big Year- Professional Development Opportunity,

  • Frequent Professional Project and Development Opportunities
  • Free Reimagine Your Big Year Tool Course.
  • Internships.
  • Remote Working Workshops.
  • Opportunity to be involved in Speaker Series, Podcast, Featured in a Young Innovators Article, which can be used for Professional Leverage.
  • Inspiration to take your next steps.
  • Global Online Networking & Peer Learning.
  • Social Impact Grants & Travel Competitions.


  • Open to youth worldwide from ages 16-30.
  • Driven & determined youth to be involved in the range of opportunities they have to offer.

Eligible Regions: Open for all.


Mark Griffith

Phd student. I am researching: Scholarships, Fellowships, interships, workshops, volunteers, government subsidies etc.

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