PeaceX Country Heads Online 2022-23

Embark upon a journey to make the world a better, more sustainable place with PeaceX. They are seeking spirited, remarkable individuals who want to explore themselves and craft the future. By design, being a part of PeaceX is a thrilling adventure to impact communities across the world, hone your innate talents, rub shoulders with sustainability leaders, and become one with our global family.  PeaceX is home to a diversity of sustainability champions, innovation enthusiasts, research wizards, and developmental crusaders.

PeaceX Country Heads Online 2022-23 As a member organization of the United Nations Environment Programme Major Group on Children and Youth, the PeaceX family, hailing from 60+ countries, works towards achieving the ideals of peace and sustainability by brainstorming vibrant policy ideas and incubating community-rooted endeavors to counter and correct contemporary plights.

They are looking for young, motivated individuals who can lead their countries in PeaceX’s global movement for promoting a more inclusive, sustainable, and peaceful world. Being a PeaceX Country Head will give you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people all over the globe who are also fueled by their passion to make a difference.

What is in it for you? You will get to attend meaningful discussions, participate in thought-provoking competitions and network with inspirational people. Most importantly, PeaceX will give you the platform to be at the helm of its mission, where you will be the leaders bringing the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, a reality.


 PeaceX Country Heads Online 2022-23: Online


  • Enhance your Leadership Skills
  • Accrue a diasporic experience at an international level, while leading projects with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • Get the opportunity to showcase your talent, achievements and experience with millions of youth through various PeaceX opportunities
  • Receive certificate(s) from PeaceX upon successful completion of the term
  • Enhance your networks and learn from global impact sustainers
  • Represent your country at the international level while accessing creative opportunities to take your nation and its people further in line with the SDGs
  • Represent your nation and PeaceX at various national and international events/ competitions (related to Peace, Innovation and Research)


  • Be above 18 years old at the time of application
  • Enthusiastic to spread the cause of PeaceX (Please make sure to read through their Goals)
  • Actively involved in co-curricular activities such as public speaking, debating, designing and organizing programs etc.
  • Demonstrable leadership qualities, the ability to mobilize a team and organize events.
  • Women and LGBTQI + members are encouraged to apply.
  • Be available to work with PeaceX for at least 6-months.

Eligible Regions: Europe, North America, South America

Application Deadline: December 20, 2021


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