Free Creative Arts Competition for Young People 2022

Free Creative Arts Competition for Young People 2022,Innocence recently launched their prestigious 2021/22 free creative arts competition!

They are asking young people aged 9-18 to reflect on the theme of ‘Life after Conflict’, through one of the following mediums: Poetry, Art, Speech and Song. NSI wants young people to share their thoughts on how people, communities and countries recover, resolve, rebuild, reflect and remember.

Brick by brick, life must be rebuilt after a conflict. It takes time to recover and resolutions may or may not be found. Countries and communities that were divided or destroyed need time to heal, to be reimagined, or sometimes even abandoned. For some, a parent, child or family member might be injured or not return at all. As time passes, community events, memorials and days of remembrance are held to honor those who were lost and provide opportunities for reflection.

Resolve. Recover. Rebuild. Reflect. Remember.

Share your thoughts on how people, communities and countries build a life after conflict using poetry, art, speech and song.


  • 1st Place Poetry: Poetry Workshop with Nik Perring
  • 1st Place Art: Bespoke Art Pack
  • 1st Place Speech: Bespoke Creative Writing Pack
  • 1st Place Songwriting: Songwriting Workshop with Otto
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize Winners: NSI Notebook 
  • In the 16-18 Category – As a special prize from the Volksbund, four young people have the chance to participate in a two-week international youth camp in summer 2023. During the summer camps, young people from all over Europe deal with history and peacekeeping. They also support the preservation of the war gravesite and visit interesting places in the surrounding area.


  • Entries are divided into the following four age categories*:
    • Age 9-11; age 11-14; age 14-16; and age 16-18.

*the crossover of ages in these categories is to ensure children in the same school year have an equal opportunity. Categorization is at the discretion of Never Such Innocence based on the information provided on the entry form.

  • Entries must draw on the competition theme: Life After Conflict.
  • If you have any special educational needs you would like the judging panel to be aware of please make a note on your entry form.
  • All submissions are given a unique entry number to anonymise the judging process. We kindly request that only the title be written on the entry to ensure the submission may be identified and kept anonymous. All other details about the entrant should be confined to the entry form.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Only one entry to each category per individual or group will be accepted; entrants may enter multiple categories (for example one poem and one piece of art may be entered by the same individual).
  • The judges’ decision is final and neither the judges nor Never Such Innocence staff will enter into any correspondence.
  • The competition deadline is 18th March 2022.
  • Winners will be notified on, or before, 15th May 2022.
  • Entries from entrants aged 15 and under must be submitted by an adult (e.g. parent/guardian or teacher) on behalf of the entrant. The adult submitting the competition entry will be required to agree to the Never Such Innocence rules by way of a check-box on the online form or physical entry form. Winners aged 15 and under must obtain parental/guardian consent (if they were entered by a teacher) in order to have their work published.
  • The copyright of each entry remains with the author. However, by entering the competition, the author grants Never Such Innocence the right to publish and/or broadcast their work. All work entered into the competition may be broadcast with the entrant’s first initial, age range, school and/or country. Never Such Innocence will endeavour to write to authors for permission to feature their name, age, school name and location alongside the entry in any publication or broadcast before going ahead. Entrants 15 and under, entered by the teacher, will be contacted and require parent consent to have Full Name, Age, School Name, City and/or Country work published.
  • The information you provide to Never Such Innocence is safe with us and we do not sell your data to third parties. Never Such Innocence will use and hold your data in accordance with the Privacy Policy which may be found here.

Eligible Regions: Open for All

Application Deadline: March 18, 2022 (95 Days Remaining)



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