Afro Atlantic Post – Volunteer Feminist Writers/Correspondents

Founded in March 2020, Afro Atlantic Post is a transnational intersectional feminist digital publication based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their niche as a global and transnational platform covers cultures, current affairs and intersectional feminism.

Afro Atlantic Post is building a robust international network of writers, to enable us to effectively distribute our biweekly content. AAP is a global feminist community with over 50,000 readers from different regions.

According to a Women’s Media Center report, women receive only 38 percent of bylines in print, TV, internet, and wire news. Afro Atlantic Post media relies on intersectional feminist theory, writing and stories.

The Afro Atlantic Post allows for the underrepresented voices of black women and women of color from a wider array of backgrounds and countries, with or without traditional power, to be heard. Their mission includes writing meaningful global feminist content with originality, creativity and ingenuity.

Application for correspondents/writers are open. They expect applicants from all regions. Working on a voluntary

basis, you will be given a platform to lead. The applicant must be eager to share their perspectives on feminism, culture and current affairs in their community, town, country or region.


 Afro Atlantic Post – Volunteer Feminist Writers/Correspondents : Online


  • Opportunity for your writing to get wider readership on a budding platform.
  • You will be provided with opportunities to develop your feminist work, build your networks and contribute to transforming the continent.
  • Access to media visibility, a global community, networking opportunities and career transformation.
  • Become part of our international team and work with a multicultural community.
  • Speak and represent Afro Atlantic Post in international events and initiatives;


  • Candidates should distinguish themselves for robust engagement, for carrying out actions that empower women in their capacity;
  • Intersectional feminist values must be compatible with our activities and objectives;
  • Having some experience in feminist cultural criticism is valuable to us;
  • The ability to commit time and effort to the role;

Eligible Regions: Open for All


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